Situ Island

Eco focus

At Situ Island, we do our best to live in harmony with our environment… Our guests are typically those who want privacy and an authentic island experience, rather than all the bells and whistles of a more commercial resort. If this ethos resonates with you, we would love to welcome you to Situ.


The Resort

We don’t have beautifully landscaped gardens – water here is too precious for such a waste. We don’t turn our resort into a Christmas tree at night with 300 spectacular light fittings – we prefer you to be able to appreciate the moon and the stars, once we turn down the lights for the night. Our resort is not decorated with collections of immaculate and rare shells and coral – we prefer that you see those for yourself, where they belong – in the ocean.



By using natural building materials harvested in a responsible way, and using local villagers to help build our chalets, we can contribute to the well-being of our island and its people in a sustainable way.



We will not be serving you exotic or juvenile fish for supper – we would rather have our fish grow to full adulthood in the nature reserve of which we form part.



We have a desalination plant which manufactures water. We request that you are cautious with the usage of water, as it is a very precious commodity in this remote environment. Ice is handmade in freezer trays and limited, so enjoy, but please don’t waste.



A fixed percentage of profits goes toward eco initiatives on the island.



We request that all uninjured fish that are lured off the sand bank be released. Also, please do not fish off the beach in front of the resort, as this is a reserve. Please ask your host where the reserve begins and ends. As with all bays and estuaries in East Africa, Quipaco Bay has been over-fished by the local subsistence fishing population, who has lived here for generations. These bays are, however, their heritage and little can be done to stop them harvesting here. We therefore urge all who fish in this protected bay to release their juvenile catches.



Please refrain from antagonising the fish and touching coral heads which have long suffered perpetual harassment from the local fisherman and the consequences of the El Niño.



Be careful not to damage or harm the mangroves as you meander through on your kayaks, as there are many unspoilt branches and delicate species that survive in this pristine sanctuary.


Dhow Trips

By encouraging our visitors to contract the services of our local skipper to go on a dhow trip, instead of making payment via the resort, we create an additional income for our local village people.


Nature walks

Should you come across any snakes, please be aware that almost all our snakes are completely harmless and should not be killed or hurt in any way. Also, please do not feed any of the small animals that you may come across, as this will ultimately be to their detriment.