Situ Island

Guest Book

Heinzelmann family: Anna, Christa, Marita, Renate, Fritz, Johannes – March 2019 , Germany

Waking up with a wonderful view to the sea. Lovely rooms, perfect breakfast. Starting the day with a  paddling tour through the mangrove- forest is a wonderful experience. Thank you, Tess, also for showing us  the nicest snorkeling spots and the very impressively early morning bird watching. We also made spectacular boat- trips to the lovely long beach and the fishing- spots. Every day ended with a wonderful first class, 5 star menu cooked by Craig and his team. Situ island was a paradise for us. We would like to visit you again!

Waldi & Kathrin – March 2018, Namibia

This holiday was so perfect, it feels like a dream! We came with high expectations after reading trip advisor comments … to find so so soooo much more than we expected. Food was outstanding…dives were just  marvelous. The best however are the people who are so caring and special! We sadly go – leaving a part of our soul behind … taking loads of memories with lots of love.

Mya & Andrew – March 2018, South Africa

Thanks so much for giving us a truly awesome holiday.  Thank you to everyone who helped us have such an amazing and relaxing time. We LOVE Situ.

Monica – December 2017, Mosselbaai, South Africa

Arrived in paradise and now leaving with a sore heart. Thanks for an unforgettable time. Diving here surpassed my wildest dreams. Can’t wait to come again.

Nina – December 2017, Cape Town, South Africa

What an amazing holiday – sweetness to the soul. Beautiful warm water, diving, master chef cooking and warm hospitality. Can’t wait to visit again.

Bruce, Elinor & JoAnn Richards – November 2017,  South Africa

Thank you for a wonderful week. We have so enjoyed ourselves. The snorkelling was good, as was the birding. Craig, your food was to die for!!

Nancy & Barry Schneider – October 2017, South Africa

There are many resorts that claim to be paradise, but Situ is one of the only that truly is. From the setting to the waters, to the managers and staff, we can say were  with the heavenly crew. Love and hugs!

Christine Schleber – October 2017, Switzerland

I spend 3 wonderful relaxing days here after some very busy working travel. It was a great way to slow down and appreciate the nature. the very early morning bird walks with Tess were wonderful. Snorkeling was very good and the food is amazing. Thank you!

Jason Panther and Ruth – Winner of the week’s holiday for 2 at Situ – December 2016 South African

Ruth and I have just arrived back from our amazing trip to Situ and we just want to say thank you so much for a holiday of a life time! We had the best time! It was an awesome prize and the diving was out of this world. We really appreciate it!

Catherine Greze and Didier Rodi – July 2016 French.

Apres le longue piste et la route depies le Malawi, arriver ici fut comme arruver au but: psei ses valises, respirer, repreddue des forces, life, lire, dormir….Comment repartir de cet endoiut lun do temps oi l’on se sent si’bien…? Nos liotes Tessa & Craig et toute le’e’quipe ont e’te’ parfaits… Plus que tout nous avons admire’ l; installation des lieux: l’centrosulfisance e’nergetique, la producion d’eaue donee… Ilne, stuructyre oi chaque ditail est pense’ = les lits sous la ve’randa de buugalows, le bou e’claitage etc. Et enfin la cuisine!! Poissons, fuuits de mer … tout est frai, pr’pare’ sams ema belle centire pan un chef hos par! Tl nous neste een seul mot MERCI! 

After the long dirt road from Malawi arriving here in Situ felt like arriving at the goal of our journey : drop the luggage, breathe, fill up with new energy, read, sleep….How is it possible to leave such a place where one feels so contented ? Our hosts Tessa, Craig and the whole team where just perfect. More than anything else we admired the building and the organization of the lodge : the self sufficiency in energy, the production of soft water from sea water with the solar panels… In this lodge every detail has been carefully thought about : beds under the veranda of the bungalow , good lights everywhere etc.. Last but not least the cooking ! Fish, seafood… Every meal was excellent and prepared in a beautiful kitchen with a Chef “hors pair” (outstanding).

IN a word all we can say is “THANK YOU”

Alexandre & Elizabeth Verstraeten & family – July 2016 Belgium.

How stupid of us to book only 3 nights in this place! We should have stayed for a whole week, so that we could enjoy more diving, more of the beauty of this spot, more of Craig’s masterful kitchen, more hospitality! We truly hope that we will come back one day and enjoy more of Situ Island. We’ll miss it and you all.

Grant & Jess –  July 2016 South African

Situ is a little piece of paradise, made unforgettable by the birds, the dives, the morays, the sunsets and the world-class food. We love my birthday dinner, meeting the napolean wrasse and spying green-winged pytillas in the bush. Most of all though, its the people that make Situ so special, from master chef Mahmidi to singing captain Shibani. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Pete & Karen Barrett – June 2016  Australia & Canada

Thanks for a wonderfully relaxed, welcoming and comfortable stay. We loved the diving, food and sitting back relaxing. We wish we could stay longer! We had such a fantastic time, very spoiled here! Thank you.

The Pauly’s, Bodington’s and Watermeyer – June 2016 South African

There are not enough words to say thank-you to you all. You all go beyond your call of duty to make sure your guests are comfortable & happy! It is with a heavy heart that we are leaving today, but we will be back for sure!

George and Mimi – February 2016  Greece

In Greece we say: “When people are making plans, God laughs!” Situ was not in our plans when we left our country for two weeks in Africa and it ended like an oasis in the desert!! Thank you for everything. You MUST become the ultimate destination for everyone who visits Pemba and Cabo Delgado! Thank you:) What an amazing week!

Leah Attfield – February 2016  Tanzania

Superb, Interesting, Tasty, Unbelievable – some of the words to describe my lovely stay here. From the organised activities to the smooth transitions, to the delicious food. Hope to come back soon.

Guy, Karen, Dylan & Drew – November 2015

Thanks for all the fun, laughs and the great time. You looked after us with such care and we have loved our stay here with you. The staff are so professional and friendly, the boats and equipment are 100% and the chalets are very comfortable. The food was top class. Really impressed with your solar system and the fact that there is no generator drone in the background.

Alessandro, Isobel and Regina – November 2015

It was a fantastic surprise to discover this paradise corner. Soon we will be back.

Cheryl –  October 2015

Awesome venue, people, food! Paradise on earth. Will definitely visit again.

Vaughn, Teresa, Connor & Daniel – October 2015

A week of bliss and sun for divers and non-divers alike. We couldn’t have asked for more.

John and Hedda – September 2015

Great holiday on an island in the sun. Very relaxing and a lot of fun. Compliments to the chef and all the staff.

Mark, Jeannie and Brad Baxter – September 2015

Once again the diving, the food and the hospitality was top class. Can’t wait to get back. Very special place with very special people. A truly great family getaway.

Catarina, Henrique, Pina and Francisco – August 2015

Thank you for the perfect weekend.

The Goldbergs – May 2015

What an amazing week!

The Watsons – May 2015

Situ remails the same: beautiful, peaceful and fantastic, but better and better each time. The diving has been the best so far with fantastic schools of huge fish. Thanks for a lovely holiday


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Situ Island Resort is undergoing some upgrades and construction. We look forward to re-opening, new and improved. Keep an eye on our social media pages for new information. Still on offer are our local diving and fishing packages. Contact Predi on