Situ Island

Useful to know

Before you start packing your bags, find out some more about our weather, power set-up, your general safety and more.


We use a combination of solar and generator power, supplying 220v AC and 12vDc. Rooms are fitted with 220 volt inverters that are solar supplied. Cell phones, camera batteries and computers may be charged in your rooms, but please discuss any other electricity needs with your Situ hosts before plugging in.


Guests are responsible for all boat fuel and oil costs used on all their fishing and other expeditions and will be invoiced for these consumptions, at the time of departure. Remember that outboard motors are designed for reliability and are not economical. Our skipper will keep a record of fuel consumed.


If you spend time in Pemba, remember that – like in most commercial towns in East Africa – theft is rife, so do exercise caution with your belongings and don’t let vendors see the amount of cash you are carrying.

On Situ itself, the local people are desperately poor, but very happy and jovial. We have not had any problems whatsoever with theft, but nevertheless please exercise caution with your valuables and do not leave them in view of temptation.


In addition to bringing along malaria prophylaxis and sun cream, please bring along any other medication you may need. The resort has a limited amount of basic medicines – should you require first aid, please see your Situ host. The Pemba Hospital is a far cry from what most visitors are probably used to, so please be cautious when visiting Situ and do your best to avoid injuring yourself.


The local currency is called METICALS (met) and the current exchange rate varies at around 3.5mts to the Rand (ZAR). This will vary and is directly connected to the international markets. For the best exchange rate it is advisable to go to a Mozambique bank.


As part of our approach of offering visitors an escape from the usual humdrum, we normally only run the television when the generator is operational, although major sporting events can be viewed during daylight hours. Organise any viewing with your host at Situ.


We have several reference books on fish and birds and a fair number of novels in the entertainment area. Please feel free to help yourself and remember to return them after use.


We experience two monsoons on Situ Island. The south monsoon runs from March until September, and the north monsoon for the remaining six months when we also enjoy a summer rainfall (from mid-December to March).

Month Ave rainfall in mm Ave temp in C
171 27
157 26
193 26
117 26
28 25
18 23
16 23
5 23
4 24
9 25
29 26
123 27