Situ Island

What to bring with you

Situ is all about getting away from the usual trappings of everyday life, and you can really pack light. But there are a few items we suggest you don’t leave home without…


Lightweight clothing is suitable year-round. Very casual beach wear and slops are ideal at Situ Resort. (Add a pair of wet shoes/crocs/rockies for walking on the reefs, plus proper soled shoes for some of the trails.) Wear caps or hats when in the sun.


For the serious anglers we recommend you bring along the following:
[list unordered]
Spinning Gear: light tackle rods (Shimano Nexave or equivalent), spinning reel to match, with poppers, spoons, dropshot, jigs, rapalas, etc.
Light Tackle trolling: the boats have 30lb and 50lb outfits on them. If you want to fish lighter, you need to bring your own gear and tackle.
Terminal tackle: Bring your own including piano wire, traces, hooks, sampos, rigging materials, lures, CD 14 and CD 18 rapalas, halcos, softies (4 to 6 inch), konas etc.
Fly-fishing: Bring your own outfits and flies


Our New Dive Centre is fully kitted out for Scuba Divers. But if you prefer to bring your own gear, we supply the weights and cylinders for free. Or you can save yourself all the hazzle and you can just rent our new MARES kit.  Please bring along your Scuba dive certification or your number. Although we have snorkeling gear, you may feel more comfortable bringing your own mask, gloves and flippers.


Malaria is found in all areas of Mozambique and prophylaxis is therefore recommended for all visitors to Situ Island. Contact your local travel clinic for any other appropriate medication. Use Tabard or Peaceful Sleep cream/gel/spray before dusk and before bed, and please use the mosquito nets in your room.

The tropical sun can be very hot – bring along 30+ spf sunscreen to protect you as far as possible when in the sun.


Although we have alcoholic drinks we suggest you send us your wine, beer, and other liquor preferences so that we can stock up before you arrive. The resort’s bar operate on a honesty system and you will only pay for what you have used. You are welcome to bring your own drinks along as well.