Situ Island

Relaxation and Leisure

The main beach at Situ is teaming with life with all sorts of shells washing up daily. The tides here are quite extraordinary with a change of 4m. When out, the tide reveals some amazing coral and sand structures. When the tide is in you can swim and snorkel right in front of the clubhouse and around atolls which are teaming with juvenile species of friendly fish.

Sunset with drinks

There are various nature trails for all ages and fitness levels, varying in length from a short gentle stroll around the palm grove to a 3 hour tour of the entire island and mangrove swamps.

Situ Island Leisure-Tree

Kayaking is an excellent way to work off the calories you will be gaining from the delicious meals served, and to see the mangroves. Scenic water paths wind through the natural bush, and birds abound. With the ocean as calm as a dam, kayaking at high tide gives you a bird’s eye view to the bottom of the ocean, where you will see from above, the delightful marine world below.