Situ Island

Eco focus

At Situ Island, we make sure our island always comes first and our guests are typically those who want privacy and an authentic island experience, rather than all the bells and whistles of a more commercial resort. If this ethos resonates with you, we would love to welcome you to Situ.

The Resort

While we make sure our island is well-cared for, we are here to ensure guests have an amazing stay. Our state-of-the-art solar power plant, alongside our ecologically friendly desalination plant ensure that we succeed at both. We are a water scarce area, but there is ample water for your needs. We do request you catch the water that would normally run down the drains, while your shower gets to the right temperature, as we use this water wisely.  Waste not – want not, an old adage that sits well with us.

A truly awesome feature of this little island paradise is that you do not have the drumming of a generator in the background. In the evenings, the lights are kept running from the solar battery back up, and we get to enjoy the lights of the nights sky in the natural silence. You can literally hear nature on your doorstep.


By using natural building materials harvested in a responsible way, and using local villagers to help build our chalets, we can contribute to the well-being of our island and its people in a sustainable way. We have built the chalets in the traditional Mozambican style with Makuti roofs and free flow of air in order to ensure they remain cool in the hot climates. Each chalet does have a ceiling fan to assist on the very warm days.


We will not be serving you exotic or juvenile fish for supper – we would rather have our fish grow to full adulthood in the nature reserve of which we form part. We cater for most culinary preferences, but do ask that you give us ample notice so we can ensure your meals are perfect.


Our cutting edge technological desalination plant manufactures water for the island. We request that you are cautious with the usage of water, as it is a  precious commodity in this remote environment. The desalinated water is tested safe for drinking and is provided free of charge. Most guests opt for this eco-friendly, environmentally saving option over the purchase of plastic water bottles, but they are available if you would like them.


Situ is located in the pristine Quirimbas Archipelago which is teeming with all kinds of marine life.  Fishing is a way of life on the islands and there are deep drop-offs, coral reefs, tidal sandbars and warm Indian Ocean currents offshore which harbour some incredible habitats for a vast array of fish species. With a choice of boats available, chartering one of these for the day will give you the opportunity of targeting some of the Indian Ocean’s prized pelagic species.

We cater for all angling enthusiasts – with suggested facets being:

  • Trolling
  • Vertical Jigging
  • Spinning / Popping / Plugging
  • Fly fishing

Fishing is wonderful in the Quirimbas for the versatile fisherman who is willing to spend the time working for that one catch. Our skippers will take you to the best spots for the species you are after.

We fully support tag and release and we encourage you to assist us in ensuring the sustainability of our fishery by releasing all Billfish, Bottomfish, GT’s, Amberjack and other Kingfish species.


The incredible diving offered at Situ is possibly this resorts best kept secret. With a list of incredible dive sites including some beautiful wall dives, our dive guides will ensure you see an awesome amount of marine life. Seeking out the littlest sea critters is something Situ staff excel at, and they will be sure to point them out to you.

In order to scuba dive at Situ, you need to already have a valid dive qualification.

The snorkelling is a treat with stunning snorkelling directly in front of the lodge. Both diving an snorkelling provide for many hours of scenic underwater bliss.


The kayaks are available to guests at all times. We do take guests for a kayaking through the mangroves expedition that will leave you in awe of the beauty of the mangroves and stunned at their incredible ability to survive life in the ocean. Be careful not to damage or harm the mangroves as you meander through on your kayaks, as there are many unspoilt and delicate species that survive in this pristine sanctuary.

Nature walks

Situ Island comes with a large variety of walks or runs our guests can enjoy. Named after the various highlights on the walks, you can enjoy the Moonscape meander, the fossilised shuffle, a bop to the Baobab or a cultural village amble. Should you come across any snakes, please be aware that almost all our snakes are completely harmless and should not be killed or hurt in any way. Also, please do not feed any of the small animals that you may come across, as this will ultimately be to their detriment.