Situ Island

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Tropical fish species you can find

Here are some of the tropical fish you can find:

Angelfish emperor
Angelfish semicircle
Angelfish tiger
Anthias one stripe
Barracuda pickhandle
Bass brindle
Batfish orbicular
Blaasop evileye
Blaasop star
Blue Pete
Butterfly fish longnose
Butterfly fish threadfin
Clown fish nose stripe
Eel giant
Eel honeycomb
Fie fish radial
Fire fish devil
Fire fish broadbarred
Flounder largetooth
Flying fish smallhead
Fusiliers yellowback
Goldie sea
Halfbeak tropical
Kingfish yellowspotted
Moorish idol
Parrotfish ember
Pipefish longsnout
Potata Bass
Ray blue spotted
Ray manta
Rockcod coral
Rockcod duskyfin
Smooth flutemouth
Snapper twinspot
Soapfish six stripe
Soldier blotcheye
Squirrelfish clown
Surgeon powderblue
Sweetlips oriental
Tang spotted
Toby model boxfish
Toby spotted
Triggerfish blackbar
Triggerfish boomerang
Triggerfish clown
Triggerfish picasso
Trumpet fish
Tuna yellowfin
Tuna eastern
Unicorn fish humpback
Urchin needle
Whale southern right
Wrasse bluestreak cleaner
Wrasse goldbar
Wrasse napoleon
Wrasse red banded
Wraesse bicolour cleaner